Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This past few days is being spent repairing parts that were damaged in handling and completing all of the little touches that I have been putting off forever. The project will be displayed in a city gallery next month so no more procrastination!

I added trim to the sides to cover the bare wood of the base, and I finally am finishing up the Bake Shoppe ceiling which covers the wiring for that area. 

The lights had been previously wired and I made a template for where the lights will be coming through the ceiling.

I used a piece of nicely textured wallpaper for the ceiling and cut that to fit the template. 
This was glued to the cardboard template and I used a sandbag to keep it nicely flat while the glue dried.

I then placed this unit over the light fixtures which will hang down into the Bake Shoppe.

 The entire floor slides into the building and connects with the electric plug set-up at the back. In this way I am able to remove the floor to work on it and access the lights if anything needs changing out at a later time.

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